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Introduction to Hockey

Are you new to hockey? Click here to check out a brochure from Hockey Canada that introduces you to the rules and equipment surrounding the sport!


KidSport provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport. Not all kids have the opportunity to be involved in sports. For those who dream of hitting a homerun, playing goalie, shooting hoops, taking one for the team and making new friends, it's all possible through KidSport. For a happier, healthier lifestyle for Alberta kids, KidSport makes a difference.

Respect in Sports for Parents

Respect in Sport for Parents is an in-depth one hour program providing information on parents' natural influence over a child, the coach or leaders role in an activity, the role parents play in their child's enjoyment and of a sport or activity, and protecting your child when they are outside of your immediate control. The program also provides parents with tools to evaluate their own behaviour by highlighting 5 key 'behavioural traps' frequently exhibited by parents, particularly in competitive sports.

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